My name is Ryder Evan Robison. I am a multidisciplinary artist living & working in rural southeast Idaho.  In April 2014 I left New York City where I had lived for ten years to move into the hundred year old home that my great-great grandparents built. The idea was to venture toward a simpler life amongst land, rivers and mountains. I felt the need to get back to my heritage, to truly see what I am made of. These days, together with my wife Ainsley who ventured westward with me, we harvest our own garden, bake our own bread, raise our chickens, rabbits, dogs and cats as a team, while she works as a writer and I as an artist, a mailman, and a fireman within the very same department my grandfather was chief of in the 1970’s.  

My artwork, whether it be a wood burned piece, a drawing or painting, is inspired by what I see when I open my front door—the birds, the animals, the flowers, the barn, the land—and imagining what the generations who lived here before me, who walked these roads ahead of me might have seen.

You never know where life will take you.  I have found that if you work hard towards what you believe, learn from the past, and live honestly… you’ll end up where you’re meant to be.

Keep up the good fight,